Leicester’s Support of Farmers’ Protests

Following IWAGB’s plea to the Leicester City Council, and the petition below. Many outlets have reported Leicester City Council’s statements against the Indian Government’s anti-peasant laws. http://chng.it/LcHSDTN8 https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/leicester-city-council-steps-dispute-5025139 https://www.asian-voice.com/News/UK/Midlands/Leicester-Mayor-concerned-about-farmers-protests-in-India https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/leicester-city-council-steps-dispute-5025139

Police, council and community leaders join forces to raise awareness of bogus spiritual healers

Left to right: Merybell Smith, Sital Singh Gill of the Indian Workers Association, Inspector Ben Gillard and University lecturer Dr Harish Malhotra Issued on 6/3/15 at 2:34 p.m. Police, council and community leaders are joining forces to raise awareness about spiritual healers who are conning vulnerable people. On Thursday February 19 Mohammed Umar Ashrafi was jailed for nine years after he was found guilty of 15 counts of fraud and one count of blackmail at Leicester Crown Court. In April 2014 the Force launched an investigation after a victim disclosed how Ashrafi had posed as Kamal Ji, a devotee of […]

Asian community and judge praise Leicestershire Police after fake guru conviction

Fake guru Mohammed Ashrafi’s conviction and sentence was met with praise for Leicestershire Police from the Asian community and the judge in the case. The Indian Workers Association (IWA) and the Asian Rationalist Society Britain (ARSB) both issued statements saying they hoped the case would send a strong message to other fake gurus. They urged other victims of Ashrafi or similar con artists to come forward. Sital Singh Gill, secretary of the Leicestershire’s IWA branch, which actively campaigns against fake gurus and babas, said: “These fakes claim to have supernatural powers which can be used to alleviate financial, personal health […]

Welcome to the new home of the Indian Workers Association G.B!

By: Sital Singh Gill Welcome to the new home of the Indian Workers Association in Great Britain on the web! This website will serve as a resource regarding all of our activity and keep the public informed and updated on the issues we are tackling. The Indian Workers Association (IWA) in Great Britain is for those people from the Indian sub-continent who loved their country and actively fought for the release of India from British colonialism. They supported the Indian freedom movement as their aim and succeeded in obtaining support for that cause from many working class British. After independence, an […]

Sital Singh Gill