Welcome to the new home of the Indian Workers Association G.B!

By: Sital Singh Gill

Welcome to the new home of the Indian Workers Association in Great Britain on the web! This website will serve as a resource regarding all of our activity and keep the public informed and updated on the issues we are tackling.

The Indian Workers Association (IWA) in Great Britain is for those people from the Indian sub-continent who loved their country and actively fought for the release of India from British colonialism. They supported the Indian freedom movement as their aim and succeeded in obtaining support for that cause from many working class British. After independence, an influx of immigrants from India, initially intending to return having made their fortune, were faced with racial hatred in addition to all those social problems facing any immigrant. In time, more and more decided to settle in Britain in spite of their adversities. With independence achieved in India, the focus of IWA shifted to welfare of workers and other trade union issues. After centralising the organisation in 1958, involvement in British politics ballooned. Many of the highly active Indian Workers Association leaders that had fought for independence in India actively participated in supporting the British Labour movement.

The achievements of the Indian Workers Association (G.B) have been many, both at national and international level. At national level, the IWA campaign stands against all kinds of racism and they offer a service to members on immigration, social services, housing benefits, language, policing and crime matters as well an encouraging the membership of unions. Where there are no unions, they have helped workers to form their own. At international level, they have always supported oppressed people and opposed of child labour, and continued campaigning against the death sentence in India and worldwide in addition to speaking out against the violation of human rights. Currently IWA (G.B) is campaigning for the inquiry of the indolent of British government who gave advice to the Indian government to launch the attack on Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar in 1984. The Indian Workers Association (G.B) remains active to date where they stand against all forms of oppression and injustice.

Sital Singh Gill

Sital Singh Gill of IWA G.B.